By making use of our services you agree to the use of your data according to our data protection rules.

The following explains what data of yours is being collected, saved and processed and what happens to this data.

1.       Processing and storing information that we receive

a.       Personal Information

                                                               i.      None of your personal data is saved or processed.

                                                             ii.      An e-mail address must be provided.

b.      Profile Information

                                                               i.      When registering on a valid e-mail address must be provided.

                                                             ii.      Optionally, a mobile phone number can be provided (for SMS notifications).

c.       Device Information

                                                               i.      In order to use the visuaControl a device must be registered.

                                                             ii.      By means of the serial number, we can comprehend from which boilermaker the device was purchased. Inferences to your person through the serial number can only be drawn by us, if the device was directly purchased from Logotherm.

                                                            iii.      Due to technical reasons, the device is linked to your profile. Therefore, we can link the data received from your device to your profile.

d.      System Information

                                                               i.      As soon as you connect your visuaControl to your system and the Internet, data from your system is being sent to us, processed and saved.

                                                             ii.      This data, which includes measured values, parameter, cycle times etc., is sent to our servers, processed and finally saved at certain intervals.

                                                            iii.      Saving this data is crucial to the functioning of the visuaControl so that the latest data can always be visualised.

                                                           iv.      The majority of the data is being deleted at regular intervals. Some data might be retained for several periods. However, this can only happen with your consent (i.e. if a system specific support ticket is being issued, the data can be saved over a longer period in order to be able to perform a remote diagnosis).


                                                             v.      Some data is stored for the entire service life (averaging of specific measured values, names assigned to controllers or heating circuits, profile settings etc.).

e.      Support Requests

                                                               i.      Support requests (i.e. tickets) and the according correspondence are being stored permanently in our system and can be accessed by us at any time.

f.        Usage information

                                                               i.      We can store and process specific usage information for the purpose of improving and optimising the system.

                                                             ii.      Interaction with elements, like links, menu items etc.

This data helps us to highlight frequently used menu items or to improve the menu structure.

                                                            iii.      Logon time and access time

Thanks to this data we can evaluate access peak times and take potential preventive actions. In addition, this data allows us to identify potential attacks early and to take the proper actions.

                                                           iv.      Information of your operating system and the browser being used

This data helps us to optimise our system to the most frequently used browsers and operating systems.

2.       Access to the saved information and forwarding the data

a.       E-Mail Address

                                                               i.      If you sign up for our newsletter, we are allowed to send you information about specific topics (biomass, renewable energy, product innovations, subsidies etc.).

You are able to unsubscribe at any time by changing your profile settings or by clicking on the “subscript” link in the e-mails.


                                                             ii.      If you have enabled e-mail notifications, you receive the selected information and status messages by e-mail.
This can be changed in the configuration at any time.


                                                            iii.      In specific cases (changing the password, changing the profile information,…) you will receive an automated e-mail from the system for your information.


                                                           iv.      For support purposes, we reserve the right to forward your e-mail address to the responsible boilermaker or its support staff respectively.

b.      Mobile Phone Number

                                                               i.      If you have provided a mobile phone number and enabled SMS notifications, the text information as well as your mobile phone number are forwarded to the company appointed by us to deliver the text message in case of a notification event.

c.       Password

                                                               i.      We do not have any access to your unencrypted password at any time.

                                                             ii.      Your password is encrypted at the point of creating it – the unencrypted password is not saved by us at any time.

d.      Support Tickets

                                                               i.      Your support tickets are permanently stored in our system and can be forwarded to a third party in order to solve the problem.

A support ticket contains the message received from you, your e-mail address, the processing status, comments and potential recorded values.

                                                             ii.      Your support tickets can be incorporated into statistics used to optimise and improve the system/the products.

e.      System Information

                                                               i.      In case of a support request you can disclose your system data for support purposes.
In this case, your system information is being recorded until the support ticket is closed.

                                                             ii.      All system data is stored for two days (for average calculations etc.).

These recorded values are cleaned every two days – except in a support case.

                                                            iii.      A parameter history is saved. This history contains all parameters, their latest alteration time and the latest values.

f.        Administrators, Developers and Service providers

                                                               i.      We do pass on your data to people and companies that support us in the delivery, exposition and improvement of the services offered by us. For example, we can outsource the handling of payments, maintaining and operating servers or the notification sending to external providers. However, these external providers can use your data only on the terms agreed upon with us and cannot forward it to a third party.

3.       Updates
We issue new software versions at random intervals. These may contain new features, improvements of stability, or debugging.

An update can be registered by us as “mandatory“. This means that these updates are being installed on your device, even if you have disabled automatic updates. This function is needed to fix not yet known bugs.

4.       Right of access, Deletion
You do have the right of access to your personal information saved, the source and recipients, as well as the purpose of the storage at any time. Additionally, you do have the right of correction, blocking and deletion of your personal data according to legal regulations.

5.       Cookies
The web pages use cookies in several places. They serve to make our offerings more user-friendly, more effective and secure. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer and which your browser saves. Most of the cookies we use are “session cookies”, which are automatically deleted after your visit to our website. Cookies do not damage your computer in any way and do not contain any viruses.


6.       Data security

We are making intense efforts to protect ourselves and our users from unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data.